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I have been having a great debate with one of my colleagues about the changing role of the IT operations (aka “I&O”) function in the context of PaaS. Nobody debates that I&O is responsible and accountable for infrastructure operations. Application developers (with or without the blessing of Enterprise Architecture) select platform components such as application servers, middleware, etc.  I&O keeps the servers running – probably up to the operating system.  The app owners then manage their apps and the platform components.  I&O has no SLAs on the platform, etc. In the PaaS era, I think this needs to change.  IT Operations (I&O) needs to have full accountability and responsibility for the OPERATION of the PaaS layer. PaaS is no longer a part of the application, but is now really part of the core platform operated by IT.  It’s about 24×7 monitoring, support, etc. an... (more)

SaaS v. Cloud Should Not Be Contentious

Chris Hoff has a new post over at Rational Survivability where he attempts to make sense of when a SaaS solution should or should not be considered “cloud.”  In his analysis, Hoff atttempts to strictly apply NIST’s cloud computing definition to various types of SaaS offerings (say hosted email vs. Salesforce.com). I think that this approach, while intellectually interesting, is perhaps a bit off the mark.  While NIST’s framework for cloud computing is generally accepted on the surface, the lower-level distinctions they make may not be so universally agreed upon.  A perfect examp... (more)

Cloud Computing Opinion: Cloud-Washing at Salesforce.com

As a general rule, I am happy to count Salesforce.com as a cloud computing company.  They really made the SaaS market what it is today, and their Force.com platform-as-a-service was a great innovation.  They are not an infrastructure cloud provider like Amazon, Rackspace or others, but okay – they’re a cloud company. However, when I see their current marketing and branding it makes me want to take a shower.  Instead of Salesforce, Successforce, and Force.com, they now market Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, and Custom Cloud.  They already had the cloud creds, but by trying so hard it... (more)

Moore’s Law and the Cloud Inflection in IT Staffing

I was in a meeting last week with Gartner’s Ben Pring and he made an interesting observation that cloud computing at the end is just a result of Moore’s law.  The concept is fairly simple and charts a path of increasingly distributed computing from mainframes, to minicomputers, to workstations and PCs (which resulted in client/server), then on to the Internet, mobile computing, and finally to cloud computing.  But cloud computing is not an increase in distribution of computing — it’s actually the reverse.  Sure, there are more devices than ever.  But since internet application ... (more)

Amazon Named ‘CloudBzz Innovator of the Year’

Innovations Software Technology on Ulitzer 2009 has certainly been a cloudy year.  The sheer volume of real innovation somehow makes all of the hype worthwhile. While there were many companies doing interesting and innovative things in the cloud – Microsoft Windows Azure could be a strong 2010 contender – the decision on who wins for 2009 is no contest. Amazon gets the CloudBzz “Innovator of the Year” award with a never-ending stream of great stuff that only seemed to accelerate as the year progressed. Here are just some of the great announcements out of the big river in 2009: ... (more)